Physics Colloquium schedule

October 7, 2014, Sergey Klimenko (University of Florida), Astrophysics with advanced gravitational wave detectors

October 28, 2014, Jonas Rademacker (University of Bristol), B physics with LHCb pdf

November 4, 2014, Krishna Kumar (UMass), Electrons are not Ambidextrous: New Insights from a Subatomic Matter of Fact pdf

December 9, 2014, Sanjay Reddy (INT), Neutron Stars in the Multi-messenger Era: Challenges and Prospects

January 13, 2015, Marc-Andre Pleier, TBA

February 3, 2015, Christopher Thomas (Cambridge U), TBA

February 10, 2015, Adam Lichtl (Space X), TBA

March 10, 2015, Francesco Iachello, Limits on Neutrino Masses from Neutrino-less Double Beta Decay

May 12, 2015, Mark Devlin, TBA

Past colloquia