Physics Colloquium schedule

October 7, 2014, Sergey Klimenko (University of Florida), Astrophysics with advanced gravitational wave detectors pdf

October 28, 2014, Jonas Rademacker (University of Bristol), B physics with LHCb pdf

November 4, 2014, Krishna Kumar (UMass), Electrons are not Ambidextrous: New Insights from a Subatomic Matter of Fact pdf

December 9, 2014, Sanjay Reddy (INT), Neutron Stars in the Multi-messenger Era: Challenges and Prospects pdf

January 13, 2015, Marc-Andre Pleier, Measuring Weak Boson Scattering with ATLAS pdf

February 10, 2015, Adam Lichtl (Space X), Mars or Bust: Spacecraft design for colonization pdf

February 24, 2015, Ben Mazin (UC Santa Barbara), Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors for UV/IR Astronomy pptx

March 10, 2015, Francesco Iachello (Yale U), Limits on Neutrino Masses from Neutrino-less Double Beta Decay pdf

March 17, 2014, Erin Sheldon (BNL), Measuring Dark Matter and Dark Energy with Gravitational Lensing pdf

March 24, 2015, Gerry Lander (EITU - Karlsruhe), Discoveries that changed the world: 1932 - 1942 James Chadwick & Lise Meitner ppt

March 31, 2015, Rosalba Perna (Stony Brook University), Hot Jupiters: astrophysical laboratories for extreme weather pdf

April 7, 2015, Richard J Hill (U Chicago), The Proton and the Future of Particle Physics

April 21, Alex Kusenko (UCLA), Neutrinos and friends in the past and present universe

May 12, 2015, Mark Devlin (University of Pennsylvania) Where Did Half the Starlight in the Universe Go?

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