Physics Colloquium schedule

Dec. 4, 2012, Charles Gale (McGill U), Thermal photons and dileptons at RHIC pdf

Dec. 11, 2012, Jose Guilherme Milhano (CERN), Jets in heavy ion collisions at LHC pdf

Jan. 15, 2013, Kevin Dusling (North Carolina State U), Imaging the proton with long-range correlations at the LHC pdf

Jan. 22, 2013, Mary Bishai (BNL), Neutrino Mass: Who is on Top ? pdf

Jan. 29, 2013, George Zweig (MIT), Constituent Quarks: The Beginning of the End pdf

March 12, 2013, Hector DeVega (Paris), Dark Matter in Galaxies pdf

March 19, 2013, Anze Slozar (BNL), Detection of Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations in Lyman-alpha forest pdf

March 26, 2013, Bjoern Schenke (BNL), Fluctuating glue and flow in heavy-ion collisions, pdf

April 9, 2013, Michael Tannenbaum (BNL), 40th Anniversary of QCD. Experimental viewpoint. High pT physics from ICHEP 1972 to ICHEP 1982, with applications to RHIC physics pdf

April 23, 2013, Hogan Nguyen (Fermilab), A New Initiative to Measure the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment at Fermilab pptx

April 30, 2013, Mark Alford (Washington University, St. Louis), Superconducting Quarks: Condensed Matter in the Heavens pdf

May 7, 2013, Samuel Ting (MIT), The First Result of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station, ppt

July 23, 2013, Elliot Leader, The Controversy about Quark and Gluon Angular Momentum: What's it all About and Does it Matter ?

Sept. 24, 2013, Denis Sivers, Magnetic Charges, Mass Hierarchies and EDM's in a Magnetically-Extended Standard Model

Oct. 1, 2013, Wolfgang Bauer (Michigan State U.), The Global Energy Problem, pdf

Oct. 15, 2013, Gerrald S. Guralnik (Brown U.), Heretical Ideas that led to the Search for the Higgs Boson ( or - Job Creation in Particle Physics !), pdf

Nov. 12, Zvi Bern (UCLA), Harmony of Scattering Amplitudes: From Quantum Chromodynamics to Supergravity, pdf

Nov. 26, Marcos Rigol (Penn State), From unitary dynamics to statistical mechanics in isolated quantum systems, pdf

Dec. 10, 2013, Anne Sickles (BNL), Big News from Small Systems: A New perspective on p(d)+A Collisions pdf

Jan. 21, 2014, Jan Rafelski (U Arizona), Journey in time through the universe from a visit to the quark-gluon plasma era, pdf

Feb. 25, 2014, Dominik Schneble (Stony Brook U), Nanokelvin condensed-matter physics with atomic mixtures in optical lattices

March 6, 2014, Carl Haber (LBNL), Seeing Voices: Optical Scanning Applied to Early Recorded Sound Preservation"Seeing Voices: Optical Scanning Applied to Early Recorded Sound Preservation"

March 11, 2014, Francesco Lanni (BNL), TBA

March 18, 2014, Jenny Hoffman (Harvard), Topological Materials at the Nanoscale

March 25, 2014, David DeMille (Yale), TBA

April 1, 2014, Jean-Paul Blaizot (Saclay), Jets in quark-gluon plasmas Turbulent QCD cascade Bottom-up thermalization, pdf

April 8, 2014, Breese Quinn (Missippi), Mr. Particle Physicist Goes to Washington, pdf

April 15, 2014, Rick Casten (Yale), The proton-neutron interaction and the emergence of collectivity in the structure of atomic nuclei, pdf

April 16, 2014, Matias Zaldarriaga (IAS, Princeton), Implications of the BICEP results, pdf

April 22, 2014, Craig Roberts (ANL), Prospects for the physics of cold, sparse hadrons, pdf

April 29, 2014, Mishkatul Bhattacharya (Rochester Institute of Technology), REDRAWING THE QUANTUM-CLASSICAL BOUNDARY pdf

May 6, 2014, Adam Burrows (Princeton), How Do Massive Stars Supernova ? - Core-Collapse Supernova Explosions: The Theoretical Challenge pdf

May 13, 2014, Philip Kim (Columbia U), Materials in 2-dimension and beyond pdf

June 10, 2014, Chao-Lin Kuo (Stanford U), Inflationary cosmology with BICEPs pdf

Sep. 30, 2014, Josh Spitz (MIT), Sterile Neutrinoes

October 7, 2014, Sergey Klimenko (University of Florida), Astrophysics with advanced gravitational wave detectors

October 28, 2014, Jonas Rademacker (University of Bristol), B physics with LHCb

November 4, 2014, Krishna Kumar (UMass), Electrons are not Ambidextrous: New Insights from a Subatomic Matter of Fact

Dec. 9, 2014, Sanjay Reddy (INT), "Neutron Stars in the Multi-messenger Era: Challenges and Prospects"

January 13, 2015, Marc-Andre Pleier, TBA Past colloquia