Anthony J. Baltz

Senior Scientist Emeritus

Since April 2012 I am a Senior Physicist Emeritus in the Nuclear Theory Group of the Physics Department at Brookhaven National Laboratory. My research as a theoretical physicist has touched on a number of topics in nuclear physics and related areas. Current interests include ultraperipheral heavy ion reactions at RHIC and LHC.

I have also worked on the solar neutrino problem. My calculations of a matter oscillation day-night effect at SNO were included in the 1987 SNO proposal. Fifteen years later data, "Measurement of Day and Night Neutrino Energy Spectra at SNO and Constraints on Neutrino Mixing Parameters" appeared.

The breadth of my interests is indicated by my publications in Phys. Rev. A, C, D, and E, as well as in Phys Rev. Lett., Phys. Lett., Nucl. Phys., Phys. Rep., Ann. Phys., and Nucl. Inst. and Methods.

Curriculum Vitae etc.

My Curriculum Vitae is in pdf format.

My Physics Genealogy goes back through Max Born to Gauss.

I have an Erdos Number of 4. I have collaborated with Alfred Goldhaber who collaborated with Sidney Coleman who collaborated with Daniel Kleitman who collaborated with Erdos.

Family Information

I am married to Marie Lepri Baltz, a Psychiatric Social Worker who retired in 2009 from her position as the administrator in charge of children's mental health services for Suffolk County, New York.

We have two sons, Edward (Ted) and William (Bill).

Ted is a Staff Software Engineer at Google. In his previous career he was a Particle Astrophysicist at Stanford, Columbia, and Cal. Berkeley. Coincidently, Ted also has an Erdos Number of 4. He collaborated with Joseph Silk who collaborated with Max Tegmark who collaborated with Harold S. Shapiro who collaborated with Erdos.

Bill works in the Information Technology Division of Brookhaven National Laboratory in computer support.

Address Information

Physics Department, 510A
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, NY 11973

Telephone 631-344-3792
Facsimile 631-344-4067

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