Workshop Program      
 Summary of the BNL workshops
                                                                         Monday,  April  21                                                                 
8:20-8.50  Registration
8:50  Nicholas Samios : Welcome                                                                                                      
Ron Soltz : EOS calculations on Nt=8 lattices and implications for experimental benchmarks for hydrodynamics ppt
9:30  Ludmila Levkova : Lattice calculation of EOS using asqtad action pdf
10:00 Yasumichi Aoki : Lattice calculations of EOS using stout staggered action
10:30-11:00  Coffee                                                                                                                                                     
11:00 Michael Cheng : EOS from lattice calculations with improved staggered action pdf
Bryon Neufeld : Sounding out the QGP ppt
12:00 Huan Z Huang : Comments on Hydrodynamic Calculations from an Experimentalist ppt
12:30-2:00  Lunch                                                                                                                                                     
2:00 Pasi Huovinen : The effects of the order of phase transition, chemical equilibrium and freezeout in ideal hydro pdf
2:30 Tetsufumi Hirano : Current Status of a 3D hydro+cascade model ppt

3:00-3:30  Coffee                                                                                                                                                       

3:30  Helmut Satz : The origin of thermal hadron production pdf
4:10  Masayuki Asakawa :  QCD critical point and its effects on physical observables - Schematic consideration ppt
4:40  Chiho   Nonaka :  Hydrodynamic expansion with the QCD critical  point ppt
5:10  Tamás Csörgő : New analytic results in hydrodynamics ppt anim1 anim2

                                                          Tuesday,  April  22                                                                               
9:00  Azwindini Muronga : Viscous hydrodynamics and the QCD equation of state pdf
9:30  Tomoi Koide : Non-Newtonian nature of relativistic dissipative fluid pdf
10:00 Takeshi Kodama  : Landau Initial Condition and Effects of Viscosity pdf
10:30-11:00         Coffee                                                                                                                                            
11:00 Kevin Dusling : Viscosity and its effect on elliptic flow and thermal dileptons pdf
11:30 Huichao Song : Viscosity and its effect on elliptic flow
12:00-2:00 Lunch                                                                                                                                                       
2:00 Adrian Dumitru  :  Modelling the real-time dynamics of a non-Abelian plasma pdf
2:25 Rainer Fries :  Effects of bulk viscosity in hydrodynamic evolution ppt
2:55 Pasi Huovinen :  Comparing viscous hydrodynamics to a parton cascade pdf
3:25-3:45  Coffee                                                                                                                                                       

3:45 Aihong Tang : Results from STAR
4:15 Roy Lacey : The Implications of Flow Measurements at RHIC ppt
4:45 Nasser Demir  : Transport coefficients in the hadronic phase from transport models
5:10 Andrej El : Calculating transport coefficients in a parton cascade pdf
5:35 Zhe Xu :  Hydrodynamical behavior in heavy ion collisions within parton cascade calculations ppt