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A Microscopic Transport Code for high energy nuclear collisions JAM is a code to simulate nuclear reactions based on hadronic resonances, strings and pQCD hard scattering.
This has been tested on Dec alpha, HPux9x,10, SunOS5.5.1, FreeBSD and Linux.

Down load source code and manual:
Elementary Hadron-Hadron cross sections in JAM: formula

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In order to illustrate how to run JAM, a few samples are collected below.

In developing JAM, I would like to thank Akira Ohnishi, Koji Niita, Toshiki Maruyama, Yuichi Hirata and Satoshi Chiba with whom some part of the program was written. I am grateful to the excellent codes as well as the authors of the codes
HIJING, Pythia , GCP , VUU (Computational Nuclear Physics 2 edited by K. Langanke, J.A.Maruhn and S.E.Koonin,Springer-Verlag, chapter8), that are available to use freely.

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Author: Yasushi Nara ynara_at_bnl.gov