If you would like to participate in the

LoopFest II

Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY

May 14-16, 2003

please send E-mail to one of the organizers:

Ulrich Baur (SUNY at Buffalo), baur@ubhep.physics.buffalo.edu
Sally Dawson (BNL), dawson@quark.phy.bnl.gov
Doreen Wackeroth (SUNY at Buffalo), dow@ubpheno.physics.buffalo.edu

Inexpensive dormitory rooms are available at BNL and can be reserved by e-mailing Ms. Tina Byrd byrdt@bnl.gov.

Information on limo and train service to BNL, along with a list of off-site hotels can be found at http://quark.phy.bnl.gov/www/visitors.html.

Please note that the rules for foreign visitors at BNL have changed:

If you are not a US citizen, you must fill out the Guest Information System form and list Sally Dawson as your host and the Department to be visited as Physics Dept. (Theory Nu/HiEng). To fill out the form, you will also need your Passport Number and Expiration Date. You will receive an acknowledgement via e-mail. Please note, that you do not need to make a reservation for housing via the housing office as stated in the e-mail. A block of dormitory rooms has already been reserved for LoopFest II participants. If you send e-mail to Ms. Tina Byrd (see above), a dorm room will be booked for you by the organizers.

If you wish to stay in the BNL dorms (and are not a US citizen) this form must be filled out by April 15, 2003. If you register late (and are not a US citizen), you are welcome to attend the meeting but must stay in an offsite hotel.

Please do not hesitate to contact us (dawson@quark.phy.bnl.gov) in case you encounter any problems when filling out this form.

Good news: the meeting is free.

Dinner on Wednesday will be provided by Brookhaven Science Associates in the Brookhaven Center.

The timing of the LoopFest overlaps with the annual RHIC/AGS users meeting. On Thurday, we will have a joint session with the user's group and Rolf Heuer will give an overview of the linear collider. We are invited to share the user's group dinner on Thursday evening (May 15). If you would like to attend this dinner, go to
and click yes you will be attending dinner (this is the registration for the user's meeting, so none of us except Rolf Heuer are talking at their meeting) and click no to all other questions. You can pay for dinner with a credit card. The cost is $35, except for post-docs who can attend for $20. If you would prefer to pay by check, you can send a check to Tina Byrd (byrdt@bnl.gov). The check should be made out to BSA.
PAYMENT for THURSDAY dinner is due May 8.

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