Center for Analysis and Theory of Heavy Ion Experiments (CATHIE)

Last update :  December 31,  2009

     Advisory Board for CATHIE
    CATHIE Participants
    CATHIE Visitors

     The proposal for a Center for Analysis and Theory of Heavy Ion experiments was presented at the TECHQM
      meeting at Brookhaven National Laboratory Theory-Experiment Collaboration for Hot QCD Matter (TECHQM)
      May 6-7, 2008.  The text of the proposal and the presentation can be found here ( presentation, proposal text )

      Workshops 2008:
      Hydrodynamics in Heavy Ion Collisions and QCD Equation of State
      Understanding QGP through Spectral Functions and Euclidean Correlators
      Workshop on Viscous Hydrodynamics and Transport Models in Heavy Ion Collisions
      Summary of the workshops

      Workshops 2009:
CATHIE-RIKEN Workshop: Critical Assessment of Theory and Experiment on Correlations at RHIC    ( workshop summary )
       CATHIE mini-program : Local P and CP violation at RHIC (June 4-26, 2009)     
       Quarkonia in hot matter : from QCD to experiment (CATHIE-INT program, June 16-26, 2009)
       Flow and dissipation in ultrarelativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
       (Joint ECT*/HICforFAIR/CATHIE/Nikhef Workshop,September 14-28, 2009)

       Joint CATHIE/TECHQM workshop (BNL, December 14-18, 2009)

      The list of past  RIKEN-BNL workshops can be found here
       For the list of major conferences held at BNL or organized by members of BNL Nuclear Theory Group
       related to RHIC  physics click  here

       Upcoming events:
      P- and CP-odd Effects in Hot and Dense Matter
      (Joint CATHIE/RIKEN-BNL/Stony Brook Workshop, BNL, April 26-30, 2010)

     The following on-line forums (wiki pages ) are available for interested researchers
      Collective flow: Initial Conditions, Hydrodynamics and Transport Models
      Hard and Electromagnetic Probes of QGP   
      (if you would like to contribute to these wiki pages please send an e-mail to petreczk AT for password )   
      Free software for useful for heavy ion phenomenology can be found at OSCAR website

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