BNL HET, LGT, NT, & RBRC Theory computing resources

Server , also known as, is our main computer and file server.

SSH setup

To log directly into quark you must use ssh keys. To set this up initially, while logged into one one of the workstations do: Then at your leisure you can make life easier via this link.


You can sign up for Labmail (a e-mail address) here. However, this is turned off after your employment is terminated, with no email forwarding.


The easiest way to print is to connect by ethernet so that you are behind the firewall. Remember that you need to register separately for wireless access on Corus and for ethernet. Then add, or This is a Dell B5460dn, which is fast and prints duplex by default.

Printing from the wireless network

To print on the coffee room printer from the wireless network, run your computer's add printer wizard. Pick "network printer" and then for network type "other." Then select "internet printing protocol (ipp)" and for the path use "ipp://". For a driver, picking "generic postscript" should work fine. There are also instructions for this here but the url given is for the internal network, not the wireless one (drop the ".itd" part).

BNL Firewall

Access to and from our computers and all other computers at BNL goes through a firewall over which we have no control. If you bring your own computer or laptop here, you MUST read this section and follow its instructions. Some physics sites are blocked by the firewall, but you can bypass this using a vncserver on your home machine and connecting to it via ssh (vncviewer -via homerouteraddress homemachinelocalip).

Other access issues: