Elm User's Guide

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1. Introduction

2. The Main System this is the tutorial

3. Non-Interactive Uses of Elm

4. The Elm Utilities

5. Credits and So on - Elm's early years from Dave Taylor

6. Credits and So on Part II - The Usenet Elm Development Group

The Elm Reference Guide

1. Introduction

2. The .elm/elmrc File

3. Command Line Options

4. Multi-Media Capabilities of Elm

5. Special Outgoing Mail Processing

6. Customized header lines

7. Commands

8. Using Elm with editor = none

9. The Alias System

10. Elm and Signals

11. Expert Mail Users and Debugging the Mailer

The Elm Filter System Guide

1. Writing the Rules

2. Checking the rules out

3. Actually Using the Program

4. Summarizing the Actions Taken

5. Further Testing of the Ruleset

6. What Forwarded Messages Look Like

7. Areas to Improve

8. Warnings and Things to Look Out For