Info for New Users

This page provides information for new visitors and employees who are here for at least several months. Welcome!

Network: If you have an account at your home institution, you can use Eduroam.

Register : If not, connect with the Corus network. You must first register your computer with ITD, by opening a web browser, where you will be directed to the relevant page. It is also useful to connect by ethernet, to get behind the firewall and print. You need to register your computer separately for Corus and ethernet.

If you don't register within 30 minutes, you will be blocked, and need to call the ITD help desk at x5522 to have them unblock you. You will need the MAC address on your laptop. In general, the help desk is actually helpful.

Printing : Easiest is to use ethernet, and then add the printer in the coffee room,, or This is a Dell B5460dn, which is fast and prints duplex by default.

If you wish to print from the Corus wireless network, from the Physics Wiki page on Computing Services, configure using as the server, then scroll down the list of printers until you get to lptheory-corus.

Email account: If a long term guest or employee, you should obtain an email account from ITD at BNL.

If you are not at the Lab, such as when you are at home or on travel, it is most useful to get behind the BNL firewall remotely. There are two ways to do this. One is to get a RSA token from ITD when you get a Lab email. The other is to use an SSH tunnel. Either way, this allows you to fill out your timecard when travelling; to download papers from Inspires, etc., which were published before arXiv; and finally, to use the site license for Mathematica. Download Mathematica from and install it on your machine. Use a network license at license dot itd dot bnl dot gov.

Seminar Lists To get on the email list of theory seminars, please send an email and which group you belong to to Rob Pisarski.

To get on the email list for all physics seminars, go to the Physics listserv.

Discounts: If a BNL employee, you are entitled to various discounts at the Brookhaven Employee Recreation Association, which is behind the firewall. There is also Plum Benefits, which requires an email at bnl dot gov.