Workshop on a New Computing Venue for Lattice Gauge Theory Calculations

October 12, 13 and 14, 2000
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Large Conference Room, Medical Building 490

The purpose of the Workshop was to acquaint US lattice gauge theory scientists with the potential advantages of the QCDOC computing architecture and hardware as it could be operated for this community in a BNL-located venue. Locating a QCDOC based user facility at BNL represents an attractive and economical direction for realizing a large advance in the computing power available for lattice gauge work by the US lattice gauge community, especially since this gain could be achieved within a three year design and construction time framework.

In the conceptual scoping of the BNL QCDOC facility, it is envisioned that no less than 80% of the computing capacity would be devoted to lattice gauge calculations and the remainder could be made available to other HENP uses that are technically compatible with this facility.

DOE's recently announced 'Topical Computing Center' program concept for realizing additional computing capability for DOE science users represents an appropriate means of funding the construction and operation of such a national facility for the lattice gauge community.

Through this Workshop we hope to obtain feedback from active members of the US lattice gauge community as well as from the wider US HENP community on the ways in which a new QCDOC facility at BNL could best meet their needs. Also we would like to engage the community's support in seeking approval and funding of this facility by DOE.

This workshop provided an opportunity for a significant number of active lattice physicists, representing the broad U.S. community, to meet together to learn about and consider all options that might substantially advance the computer resources available to pursue the exciting research opportunities in lattice physics.

The conference was organized by Claudio Rebbi (chair), Norman Christ, Michael Creutz, Tom Kirk, and Steve Sharpe.

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1:30-1:45      Opening remarks                   -   Tom Kirk

1:45-2:15      Status of the DOE SDAC (Scientific
               Discovery through Advanced Computing)
               initiative                        -   Bob Sugar

2:15-2:55      Matrix element calculations       -   Aida El-Khadra

2:55-3:35      Finite density algorithms         -   Keh-Fei Liu

3:35-4:00      Coffee break

4:00-4:40      High temperature QCD              -   Carleton DeTar

4:40-5:20      The Jefferson Lab.-MIT project    -   John Negele

5:20-6:00      The FNAL project                  -   Paul Mackenzie

6:00           Reception


9:00-9:30      Calculations with domain wall     -   Tom Blum

9:30-10:00     Implementation of Neuberger's     -   Robert Edwards

10:00-10:20    Coffee break

10:20-11:10    QCDOC: design concepts and status -   Norman Christ
               of the machine

11:10-12:00    Software systems on QCDSP and     -   Robert Mawhinney
               plans for QCDOC

12:00          LUNCH


2:00-2:50      Lattice QCD in Europe and the      -    Richard Kenway
               UKQCD-QCDOC collaboration

2:50-3:20      The ``Users' guide to QCDSP''      -    Balint Joo

3:20-3:50      Experience using QCDSP - I         -    Weonjong Lee

3:50-4:05      Coffee break

4:05-4:35      Experience using QCDSP - II        -    Mike Creutz

4:35-5:15      Experience with clusters           -    Steve Gottlieb

5:15-5:30      Coffee break

5:30-6:30      Round table discussion:
               What are the desired characteristics
               of a computational facility for    -    moderator:
               the U.S. lattice community?             Claudio Rebbi

7:00           BANQUET


9:00-10:00     Round Table discussion of draft    -    moderator:
               consensus statement                     Steve Sharpe

10:00-12:00    Consensus statement write-up

12:00          WORKSHOP ADJOURNS