Program of the workshop on thermal photons and dileptons, Dec. 5-7, 2011

Monday, December 5

08:45–09:00   Welcome address (organizers, S. Vigdor)
09:00–09:30   G. David : Thermal photons and dileptons: where do we stand ? [slides]
09:30–10:30   G. Moore : Perturbative Thermal and Jet-Thermal Photon Production [slides]
10:30–11:00   Coffee break
11:00–12:00   L. McLerran : Photons and Dileptons: Are they direct indications of the early glasma state, and perhaps Bose condensation? [slides]
12:00–01:30   Lunch
01:50–02:35   K. Dusling : Thermal photons and dileptons and viscous corrections to the distribution functions [slides]
02:35–03:35   L. Ruan : Di-lepton measurements from STAR [slides]
03:35–03:50   Coffee break
03:50–04:50   A. Drees : Future opportunities measuring thermal radiation in heavy ion collisions [slides (ppt)]
04:50–05:20   Joint discussion

Tuesday, December 6

09:00–10:00   C. Gale : Thermal photons: the effect of viscosity and of fluctuating initial conditions [slides]
10:00–11:00   R. Rapp : Thermal Photons and Dileptons [slides (ppt)]
11:00–11:30   Coffee break
11:30–12:15   T. Sakaguchi : New degree of freedom in thermal photon measurement [slides (ppt)]
12:15–01:00   M. Tannenbaum : Why I think the low pT photons are thermal [slides]
01:00–02:00   Lunch
02:00–03:00   Joint discussion
03:00–03:30   Coffee break
03:30–05:00   Joint discussion

Wednesday, December 7

09:00–09:45   D. Teaney : Comparing AdS/CFT to weak coupling: Spectral functions and Mach Cones [slides]
09:45–10:30   H.-T. Ding : Lattice calculation of the vector spectral functions and thermal dilepton rate [slides]
10:30–11:00   Coffee break
11:00–11:45   I. Zahed : Photons and Dileptons [slides (ppt)]
11:45–12:30   H. Buesching : Photon Measurements with ALICE
12:30–02:00   Lunch
02:00–02:45   B. Schenke : Progress in relativistic viscous hydro [slides]
02:45–03:30   A. Kurkela : Towards NLO computation of thermal photon production [slides]
03:30–04:00   Coffee break
04:00–05:00   Joint discussion