Presentations of RBRC Workshop: QCD in Finite Temperature and Heavy-Ion Collisions
February 13-15, 2017

Y. Akamatsu: A kinetic regime of hydrodynamic fluctuations and long-time tails for a Bjorken expansion pdf
J. Andersen Three-loop HTLpt thermodynamics at finite temperature & chemical potential: Resummation vs lattice data pdf
G. Basar Going with the flow: a solution to your sign problems pdf
M. Berwein NNLO calculation of the Polyakov loop pdf
J. Brewer Holographic jet shapes and their evolution in strongly coupled plasma pdf
G. David Direct photons - experimental status pdf
J. Eser The extended linear sigma model within the functional renormalization group approach pdf
K. Fukushima Chirality and vorticity with non-trivial geometry at finite temperature pdf
J. Ghiglieri O(g) corrections to the transport coefficients of QCD pdf
A. Jakovac QCD thermodynamics: beyond perturbation theory pdf
K. Jensen Chaos and symmetry breaking in low-dimensional AdS/CFT pdf
O. Kaczmarek Spectral and transport properties from Lattice QCD pdf
M. Kaminski Quasinormal modes of charged magnetic black branes & chiral magnetic transport pdf
A. Kotov Lattice study of dense two-color QCD pdf
A. Kurkela (Colloquium) Thermalization & non-equilibrim evoluton in heavy-ion collisions pdf
S.H. Lee Quarkonium at finite temperature: A QCD sum rule approach pdf
M. Lublinsky Anomalous transport from fluid/gravity correspondence pdf
Y. Mehtar-Tani Jet substructure in heavy-ion collisions: sensitivity to medium-induced radiation and color decoherence pdf
A. Monnai Inhomogeneous thermalization of the quark-gluon plasma pdf
H. Ohno The QCD equation of state at non-vanishing chemical potential from Lattice QCD pdf
A. Rothkopf In-medium heavy quarkonium from lattice effective field theories pdf
T. Schaefer Confinement and chiral symmetry breaking from monopoles and duality pdf
S. Schlichting Chiral magnetic effect and anomalous transport from real-time lattice simulations pdf
S. Sen Chiral shock waves pdf
E. Shuryak Recent progress in understanding deconfinement & chiral restoration phase transitions pdf
M. Stephanov QCD critical point and hydrodynamics pdf
N. Strodthoff Correlation functions of Landau-gauge QCD pdf
Z. Szep QCD phase diagram from low energy effective models pdf
A. Tomiya Evidence of effective axial U(1) symmetry restoration at high temperature QCD pdf
R. Venugopalan World-line construction of a covariant chiral kinetic theory pdf
A. Vuorinen Cold quark matter and neutron stars pdf
J. Weber Polyakov loop and Polyakov loop correlators in lattice QCD pdf
Y. Yin Kibble-Zurek dynamics, hydrodynamics and turbulent cascade pdf
I. Zahed Dileptons and photons at collider energies pdf