An electron beam for eA and polarized ep physics at RHIC


Welcome to the eRHIC home page. This web page will contain information on upcoming workshops, discussions, and useful links to previous workshops and material related to high energy a) electron--nucleus collisions, and b) polarized electron--polarized proton collisions.

Hot News:

EIC White Paper submitted to NSAC LRP meeting in Santa Fe, March 2001.


Useful links:

eRHIC summer meeting at BNL, June 26th-July14th, 2000.

eRHIC workshop at Yale, April 6th-8th, 2000.

Workshop on electron--nucleus collisions, december 3rd-4th, 1999.

eA workshop at HERA, may 25th-26th, 1999.

pol.e-pol.p workshop at HERA, may 17th-21st, 1999.

Proceedings of future physics at HERA, 1995/1996, (includes reports on eA and polarized e- polarized p)      


Memo on experimental observables (M. Strikman)

Implications of eRHIC IR Design for Experiments (S. White)

Accelerator Physics Issues in eRHIC (Accelerator Working Group)

Complete Events at RHIC (J. D. Bjorken)

Four Lectures on Detector Issues for eRHIC (W. Krasny)


Contact e-mail address for Abhay Deshpande

Contact e-mail for Raju Venugopalan